Born in the US Heartland. Knew she had lived before. Conversed with animals at a young age. Thought everyone could. Spoke with her 54 year old self that appeared before her when she was 8. Ran waves of energy through her body, shifted her vibration, and astral projected in grammar school. Knew she wasn’t her reflection. Didn’t have any language for her experiences. 

Had a powerful vision at age 13. Told one, but was discredited, so told no one. Wondered if she was crazy. For a while, tried focusing only on the physical world. Was always interested in the metaphysical. Continued to have mystical experiences throughout her life. Practiced distant-viewing in college. Astral began to appear to her in the third dimension. She asked them to get back in their own realm. They did. (Phew.)

Began randomly channeling Divine Knowledge by fluke when reading Tarot cards for a friend. After college stumbled into the world of psychic studies. Found language to all of her experiences previously mentioned. Felt relieved.

Studied Reiki. Learned to Channel in a more clearly expressed manner. Studied Bowen Muscle Release Therapy. Studied with teachers in Spirit. Studied with Angels. Surrendered her work life to the Divine.

God gave her the Mantra: “I will to will Thy will, and if Thy will be difficult give me strength, keep me clear and keep my ego out of it.”

Started working for Spirit. Gave private Heart and Soul Readings. Became a Medium for loved ones that had crossed over. Did Animal Communication.  Taught Psychic and Spiritual Development Classes. Channeled messages from Angels. Channeled messages from God. Consecrated her life to God.

Has since worked in the field as a researcher in parapsychology, psychic, medium, channel, author, teacher, business consultant, and lecturer locally and internationally.

Knows that Psychic Awareness is an Essential Aspect of Our Collective Evolutionary Journey.