Mediumship with Messmer

I want to be like other Mediums. I really do. But, I am not.

I work for Spirit.

When I do Mediumship Sessions, I focus primarily on them in their realm, not so much on the Sitter who has come for the session. When I am caught up in Spirit’s experience, I know, I don’t control the conversation. I’ve learned this from them. That’s why they like me.

Once I asked a young man how he passed and he told me that it was none of my business. I, of course, wanted it as evidence to pass along. But, he was adamant, telling me that his relative sitting there knew how he had passed, why was I bringing it up, wasn’t I here for him? Wasn’t this his time? And while this exchange happened in an instant, just between he and I, I told the dearly departed that I had other ways of finding out. When I told him that, he said he would leave, walk out my door. He turned his back to me and literally headed for my doorway. I apologized, he turned around, came closer, and we continued with his session. In the end I asked him why he didn’t want to tell me, why he didn’t want me to know. He said that he didn’t want it to cloud my feelings toward him, or create a curiosity in me that would lead me away from what he had to say to his family. He also wanted the session’s focus to be on his life, not on his death. (Lesson learned, thank you, lovely soul.)

I am amazed (but not really) by the Spirits who find me. Their Loved Ones here call for sessions, but I know it is them on the other side that are usually orchestrating it all. The Spirits there talk to one another, as we do. And I feel it’s as if my business card is on a bulletin board up there in that vibration with the following note attached:

“If you need a compassionate Medium who will let you lead, who won’t interfere with what you have to say, one who will offer a bit of (psychic) soul family therapy, and even teach your loved one to communicate directly with you more easily, seek out Constance Messmer.”

My sessions have always been unconventional.

With their Soul Reviews behind them, most are not appeasing us from a limited ego personality perspective. Oh, there are tears, but there is also laughter and much love. They don’t always tell me the meaning of some messages, but they convey it in a way so their family here understands.

If they have talked to you about some things already, or if they have told you something through another Medium, other than me, they don’t repeat the message through me. They don’t like to waste time.

No two sessions are ever alike. Not really. Sometimes there is tons of talk, and other times not so much. And when the later happens, I use advanced skills to move into the exchange, deeper, to where I meet those in Spirit at where they are leading me - and you.

Because they are so busy with their agenda, I literally have to ask them for personality evidence. Often they get annoyed with me, because the entire session has been full of evidence. And, again, they want to lead the conversation. I am just the messenger for them. I know this.

Our Loved Ones who have passed are very much a part of our lives, as we think of them, we are “calling them,” or perhaps it was “them calling” us. The love is timeless and eternal. I just follow where they take me.

Constance Messmer