Empaths, Addictions, and Energetic Reactions

I find this fascinating enough to share. Bear with me as I look at just one tentacle of addiction.

Remember, we are body and soul. Mostly, I work with the awareness of the soul, teaching others to do the same. We are made up of an interactive mix of physical, mental, emotional, and soul being. The aspect of our soul essence functions from our inner awareness and psychic (soul) senses.

An empathetic child (sensitive soul) who grows up emotionally feeling on a psychic level the lack of love, frustration, or discord in the home unaddressed will often (but not always) follow suit by not addressing consciously, admitting or troubleshooting, their own discomfort. Often, they are unable to even name the emotion that they are feeling, if they in fact recognize that something is bothering them. These are otherwise learned behaviors, life “skills.”

This same child who sees their parent react to discord by turning to food, drink, or drugs will take note on a subconscious level. They will also energetically log in the emotional release of their parent through the energetic release and relaxation that then takes place, which they empathically or psychically feel coming from the parent's changed energy field.

The same child will inadvertently learn not to address their discomfort, but instead turn to food, drink, or drug as a coping mechanism. Thus, the cycle of addiction is passed through as an energetic on a deep soul level that is often an unconscious entanglement.

When in truth, they needed to feel, name, speak out, and sort out what was upsetting them.

I found this was why a few of my clients could not stick with healthy eating habits, etc., even though they intellectually understood the need for a different behavior. The soul/energy of their response was not being taken into consideration. It remained unconscious. They weren't even aware of what feelings, emotions, and stresses were triggering them.

They were simply moving through their life, often, being un- reasonably hard on themselves.

When a sensitive soul/empath learns to feel what they are feeling and where any discord is coming from, they can learn to address it directly and differently. They can also come face to face with any unhealthy habits that need to be changed up and how to get the true support they need on a daily basis.

The mind is incredible.  I often suggest journaling to clients. Why? Because, unlike thinking things through or talking things out,  journaling oftentimes unlocks the inner voice(s), where truth and troubles can be flushed out.

If you really don't want to journal, I at least recommend you recognize the moment you are reaching to avoid and instead take a walk and talk yourself through what feelings/awareness are the real reason beneath your pull to particular food, drink, drug, or behavior.

Because they feel so deeply, oftentimes, these sensitive soul/empaths are very skilled at leaving their body mentally and emotionally, hiding even from themselves (and their deep emotions).  It is easier for them to be detached in more ways than one.

These clients are best helped by learning to really be in their body and develop different "survival" skills.

Recognize you are out of sorts and uncomfortable.

Name the surface emotion or feeling. IE: Frustrated.

Name the secondary emotion, if there is one. IE: Anger

Sort out where it is coming from. IE: Someone didn't do their dishes.

Go deeper. Is that all? IE: I do everything around the house, cleaning up after others.

Is that all? Go deeper. IE: I feel underappreciated, others take advantage of me.

Is that all? Go deeper and deeper, flushing out every possible angle. IE: I do too much for others. I need them to need me. I show my love by doing.

Ponder what you need to do to Re-Solve things. This way you work to a deep solution, instead of avoiding your deep emotions on topics that unnerve you. IE: I want to show I care in different ways. I don't want this to continue. I need to talk to my housemates.

Check in once more. How do you feel, now? IE: More relaxed, less used and stressed.

Speak your truth from your heart, with kindness. (Remember, you’re a sensitive soul with a big vulnerable heart, and reacting from anger only leads to later regrets.) Listen with an open heart/mind. And work together for understanding and resolution.

Check in once more. How do you feel?



Breathe and pat yourself on the back.

Realize that although you may have learned faulty coping skills, you don’t have to live with them.

Remember the Empaths Survival Step’s: Awareness. Breath. Care.

Awareness: Something is unsettling to you.

Breath: Inhale and exhale to calm and center yourself.

Care: Decide what you need to do, who you need to talk to, what you need to change to solve the issue.

Hope this helps in any way.
Peace and heightened awareness to us all!

Constance Messmer