Sweet William

Any Medium worth their salt, will tell you the journey must always be about connecting with the Source. Sure, people want to get in touch with loved ones, guides, or angels, so do I, but truth be known, you mustn’t stop there. You must go to frequencies higher, you must carry on to the Source, aka God, Great Spirit, Divine Consciousness. And there, you will receive so much more.

Just this morning I was thinking about my personal transformation and current work that God has been asking of me. It is a vast and varied array of projects. But I am always being lead one step at a time, as long as I pay attention. I just have to get caught up in the pull and follow along. It is imperative in my life that I am constantly engaged in communion/communication with "Him."*

It is from this higher state of awareness that I strive to exist, moment-to-moment.

So, this morning, I was compelled to leave the house early and followed that pull, even when it meant waking up at 4 in the morning. I live on Martha's Vineyard and was on my way to the ferry boat for a day-trip off Island. First, I had to drop my car at Angel's Auto Body to be serviced, and then I planned on taking the local bus to the boat.

What I call my “Work Prayer” came to me as I was driving down the very stretch of road God gifted me with the prayer.

Over twenty years prior, I had been having a conversation with God when I surrendered to my work with spirit and this prayer spilled out of me:

"I will to will Thy will and if Thy will be difficult give me strength, keep me clear, and keep my ego out of it."

A great prayer I often use, especially when I am feeling less than confident in my skills to relay information as perfectly as possible. So today, I contemplated these words mixed with the heavy lifting God had been asking of me. “This prayer is fine,” I thought, turning my mind to God. “But you are asking me to do a lot of farfetched things that I am not sure I am capable of doing.”

There was no response from the Heavens. No words from the outside found their way into my thoughts. Only silence. So, I looked to see if I was being thrown an image or a picture, and I tuned into to feel any subtle sensations. And all I “felt” was a look. Almost like a parental stare, directed at me.

I continued driving, dropped my car at the auto shop, and walked to the side of the main road to catch the bus to the boat when a kind man named William Hilton pulled over and offered me a lift. The very first thing he said as I opened the door to get in was, "The Lord always provides. He always provides help when you need it."


We spoke more on other things before I thanked him for all he gave me along with the ride.

William had beautiful black skin and his hand was incredibly callused when I shook it. And he was the coolest angel God sent me that day.

So, yes, God. “Give me strength, keep me clear, keep my ego out of it, and send me help to ease my journey. And thank you. Thank you, ever so.”

May we all say such prayers in earnest.

Onward and Godspeed!

*Here I refer to God as “Him,” but to me, Great Spirit is more accurate.  I could equally say, “Her.”


Constance Messmer