On Not Seeing the Dead

I once read an article written by a reporter who spent a long weekend at a spiritual B&B that is owned by a renowned psychic and spiritual teacher. I happen to know the teacher. She is highly skilled in her specific field. And although she may communicate with loved ones that have crossed, that is not what she advertises. She advertises about helping others find their way along the path of spiritual awakening. And she is quite good at that.

Still, the reporter, a self-proclaimed skeptic, wanted to see if this particular psychic was any good. Throughout the weekend the psychic never tapped into the fact that the reporter had recently lost her husband to cancer. The reporter left frustrated for this and a number of other reasons.

I tell this story to help those who don’t work in the field, to understand it better, before they critique what they don’t completely comprehend.

With loved ones that have crossed, either we, as psychic mediums, go looking for them or they have to really get our attention if we aren’t looking to see them. Unless, we are continually straddling the two fields of “reality,” here and there, specifically looking in the particular space that loved ones can be found.

As a psychic medium & channel, I can look anywhere and everywhere to assist in your healing. This means I can look to your past, present, future, your soul, past lives, family links, loved ones here or there, your guides, angels, and God. But when you come to me, I specifically ask you to choose what type of session you are after, especially because it is your hour, your investment in one of my workshops, or time at my talks. And I honor your self-empowerment.

If I had a B&B, where there is much more time spent mingling with clients outside of sessions, I would not peek in your energy field or spiritual history, unless invited and paid to do so. And I can’t imagine being “psychically tuned into the realm of loved ones” for an entire weekend just in case family on the other side wanted to contact me for one reason or another. Unless, I was advertising that I would be doing such.

I hate to say it, but the discarnate husband might not have been forceful in getting in touch with the psychic for any reason other than he knew his wife (the reporter) was a skeptic. Or, perhaps he wanted their reuniting session to be held in a private setting. When the psychic tried to lead the woman into a meditation session of meeting those in spirit, which might have included her discarnate husband, the woman reporter stopped the session because she thought the technique silly.

Because I advertise various types of sessions, the way I work is either you tell me what you are after (whether mediumship with a loved one, a mediumship/ channeling of your soul’s journey, a healing, etc.), or you give me the permission out loud to look anywhere and everywhere for information or healing work to take place. 

For me, that latter invite may or may not include loved ones on the other side coming through. If not, then why? Because in that type of a session, I work for your greatest healing to take place and we people are layered, and maybe your loved one wants you to have a bit of a healing of your own heart in session number one before you will be open to connecting with them in session number two.

When I work, I have to specifically look into the field of astral to where loved ones that have crossed can be found. Or I look into your energetic space where those same beings in their space in astral hang around you. This is how I work. Spirit and I respect each other.  We have a working relationship and agreements that we abide by. And I work for them, even though you pay me. I represent them. And by the way, sometimes they don’t want to talk about what you want to talk about. And I’ll respect that and hope you do, too.

Clearly, I would have loved to have been there to help this particular reporter along. I don’t feel that she was the right person to write the article.  She was unfamiliar with the field.

I have a degree in journalism. This makes me dig and wait for the truth, the why, the how.  I would have put on my investigative reporter hat and asked questions of the psychic. How does your work, work? Why couldn’t you see my husband right away? What’s going on behind the scene? Especially since that is where spirit resides.

Well, sort of, anyway.

You can tell I am a bit heated about this particular facet of their experience and the fact that it was reported as truth, when clearly, there is much more to the story.

Namasté, Constance

Constance Messmer