Your Highest Mind Set

Within you is the quiet voice of your highest self. Call it Divine Consciousness, your Higher Knowing, your Inner Truth, the Voice of Your Heart, the Mind of God. I like to call it your Divine Consciousness. It is that part of you that is in alignment with the Highest Source. This is not a voice of should. This is a voice of knowing. And, yes, we all have it.

Your ego mind is often a reflection of your day-to-day influences. That conditioned, reflective self believes and feels a certain way about you and your life. This view often supports the status quo and operates from fear and entertains worries. But your Divine Consciousness, your Highest Mind is of Love and Truth and is not cramped by such constraints. Instead, it is limitless, empowered, and confident. It is your true Self. And it often operates through your intuition, bubbling up first, before your (ego) mind comes in to negate or second-guess things.

Since evolution is the goal and Divine Consciousness can help you on your journey, it is essential to differentiate the voice of your mind with the voice of your Highest Mind. Living from this mindset is essentially a moment-to-moment choice, a Spiritual Practice.

In my own journey, I found it helpful to journal so that I could learn to differentiate these particular voices in my head. I would pose a topic on paper, then ask my own (ego) mind what it thought. Then, I would raise my awareness up (with intention) and ask my Divine Consciousness/Highest Mind what it wanted to say. Using this as a Daily Spiritual Practice helped me to recognize where my thoughts were coming from as I moved through my days.

If you want to get stronger at this skill, take time each day to consciously listen to the thoughts that roll through your mind. Determine if your thought is coming from your mind or your Highest Mind.

Take time each morning to raise your heart and mind in chosen surrender to your Highest Mind, your Highest Self, your Divine Consciousness. Lean into that knowing and let it guide your day.

Take time before you make decisions to listen in and determine what mindset is ruling you.

Each day make more and more decisions from your Divine Consciousness. And then, see how your life changes for the better once you live your life from Your Highest MindSet.


Constance Messmer