Spiritual Portfolio

Recently, a dear friend and I were chatting about nearly everything under the sun when she brought up the subject of a Spiritual Portfolio. And I was like, wait, what?! And then, of course, a lively conversation ensued.

This gal and I have been chums for well over thirty years. And as that goes, the unplanned parallels in our lives crack us up, keep us guessing, are at times uncanny, but amaze us still. We have to sort out time zones to have a good natter or flight schedules to meet up on the various continents between us, but no matter, we always pick up where we left off. And often that means exploring topics such as this for seekers such as us.

Magic happens when we are together.

Perhaps it’s because we both do the kind of work that I do, and so we pay attention. There are countless, blessed stories that I could share, but suffice it to say, we are both keenly aware of our spiritual essence and that of the partnership within the playgrounds we traverse- physically, intuitively, and soulfully. And because of this, we often dance with grace. And we giggle a lot.

We know that life is lush, we are each unique, and we have choices that usually have a certain timing to them. But I also think that our magic comes from knowing what we’ve put into our own Spiritual Portfolio to help us along our collective and individual journeys. That way, we do have a bit of a guidebook for our own lives, empowering us time and time again with worthwhile results.

We have, through the years, added to our own range of investments in various ways and have often been together, laughing and dumbfounded by what we have resourced in the way of necessary information for greater ease and effective operation of our very lives. 

Speaking for myself, I have continually devoted time, effort, energy, and resources to glean a unique perspective on my own soul’s characteristics. This has helped me to see who I am and where I might want to invest my time and energy going forward. It also helps me with a greater understanding of my own interactions to those around me.

I will share a few of the gems, so you can see what I mean.

In my own Spiritual Portfolio, and of paramount importance to me, is:

∙A Daily Spiritual Practice, which includes:

-Prayerful meditation: raising my heart and mind to immerse in or converse with the Source.

-Walks in nature: physically or mentally.

-Rightful Living: relationships, choices, eating, environmental, etc.

-Practicing Mindfulness and doing my best to Live from my Higher Consciousness.

Other assets that make up my Spiritual Portfolio are resources that teach me about me in this life:

A Channeled Soul Reading or two along the way.

∙My Astrology Chart: both birth and, some years, my progressive.

∙Feng Shui maps for what I want enhanced in my home and office.

∙Numerology, for the sake of knowing.

∙My Enneagram. Yikes!

These are a few of my wide-range of investments that happen to be in my own Spiritual Portfolio… these days. And, I am quite confident that the return on my whole-hearted investments bear fruit.  Or at least my joy barometer makes me think so.


So, my friend, what’s in your Spiritual Portfolio?


Constance Messmer