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The Psychic Development Course - 6 Weeks

Part of your evolutionary journey is to reclaim the full you. This includes expanding your consciousness and tapping into your innate psychic abilities. This not only enhances personal well-being, but also allows for greater living from a centered space of awareness. This is the perfect class for learning how.

Through experience students will learn to differentiate and use the various psychic receptive centers. This succinct course gives students the tools needed for living their lives with a psychic and intuitive edge. It is a foundation course for anyone on their own journey to learn or strengthen communication with loved ones on the other side, spirit guides, angels, or God.

At the end of the course, students will have a chance to give a psychic reading. Be prepared to be amazed at your accuracy! This course is life-changing.

Offered as a 6 week course, giving students time to digest the lessons between the weekly meetings. We will meet 2 hours each week with different components of study at each sitting. This is a great way to spend some valuable time on you.

Cost per session is $50. or $300 for the series.