Energy in Balance

A foundation course highly recommended for any student, but especially those who are empaths and sensitives. This course is meant to be the start of a daily practice in energy awareness.

Important for everyone to understand, but essential for sensitive souls, is the relationship to well-being and free flowing energy in your chakras and auric fields. Everything is made up of energy. Once you understand and can work with your own, personal energy anatomy, you are better able to care for yourself, others, and the planet.

At this workshop, Constance will lead you to a time, prior to your soul’s incarnation in this life, so that you might better understand who you are as you are. She will teach about the interaction of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body, the main energy centers of the body, called chakras, and the expansive space that is your auric field.

In this workshop you will better understand vibrational shifting caused by elements in your daily surroundings. We will work with Awareness, Breath, and Care so that you can personally assess and empower yourself in situations that might otherwise leave you drained, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. You will learn various tools to help you clear unwanted energy from yourself as well as physical spaces in your home, workplace and world. You will learn to develop a healthy exchange of energy in relationships, practicing techniques to identify when the remnants of someone else’s energy is effecting you, and how to release it. You will be empowered to make better choices around sustenance. And you will learn various tools to use at any moment to help you maintain and increase your own life force energy in all circumstances.

As a student you will learn to sharpen your ability to sense, and perhaps see, the energy spaces of those around you. You will be brought through exercises designed to help you care for your own chakras, auric fields, and energy immune system. With these newfound skills to master your own energy anatomy, you will be empowered to harness control of your own spiritual energy to feel truly alive, energized, and in control of your own energy in any situation.

2 days $400     This is also offered as an ongoing weekly course in non-summer months.

Please Note: Bring your own lunch and snacks to the workshop. Bring your own notebook to the course. No recording allowed. Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time.

Dear Constance, This class has not only reminded me of my own gifts, awareness’s, and truths, but also gave me the gift of seeing other people’s awareness’s and truths. Taking this class reminded me of the true feeling of being safe and enveloped in love/light, allowing me to believe in myself and others. -Forever grateful
— Melissa N.
Constance Messmer