HeartLight Healing Course

Designed to enhance your Reiki Treatments, this empowering course is for the advanced student. Highly experiential, it teaches tuning into psychic information that is presented at each energy block in the body. Students will be guided to incorporate light regression work into their healing sessions. A HeartLight Healing can release the imbalance at its root thereby expediting the healing process. A HeartLight Healing Course empowers you to provide powerful and, sometimes, life-changing healing sessions.

Prerequisite: Reiki Second Degree, Opening to Spirit, The Psychic Development Course, an active practice of connecting to spirit, and an interview for admittance.

2 days     $1,000

Please Note: Bring your own lunch to the course. Bring your own notebook to the course. No recording allowed. Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to and throughout course.

Constance Messmer