The Psychic Terrain

The word psychic comes from the word psyche, meaning soul. It is with the senses of the soul that mediums and psychics do their work, traveling through the various layers of consciousness and reality to garner gems of messages, wisdom, and understanding to keep for their own flourishing soul or to pass along to others. Unless, of course, they don’t know what they are doing, or where they are going.

Come join Constance as she takes a dedicated look at exploration of the various realms of experience and truth. This course is highly experiential with weekly lessons throughout. It is for the advanced student. For the medium who wants to grow their relationship with spirit, fine tune their discernment, and take their work, grounded in truth, farther reaching.

Prerequisites: Opening to Spirit, The Psychic Development Course, and a steady daily practice in the field. Interview necessary for admittance.

Constance Messmer