Parent & Child Reiki Course

Have you ever wanted to do something really memorable for and with your child? This Parent & Child Reiki Course may be just what you are looking for.

Unlike my regular Reiki Course, designed for the student who wants to become a practitioner, this class is specifically crafted for the parent and child. This particular weekend experience will help to empower and explore how to use Reiki in your day-to-day lives for greater awareness and wellbeing. We will have lively discussion and lots of experiential learning with activities to enhance the lessons.

This class will teach energy awareness skills that are essential in your child’s changing world. Reiki training promotes confidence, balance, and a heightened sense of awareness. This course teaches indispensable skills for the child who is sensitive, overwhelms easily, or just needs to have some helpful, centering tools at the ready. Designed as a healing weekend that brings you two closer, it is especially helpful for parents who want to understand, embrace, and enrich their connected path to the little souls that are in their care.

This certification course is available as a First Degree or Second Degree Reiki Training. In this two-day course students will receive channel opening attunements to initiate the flow of Reiki Healing Energy. There will be time for lessons which cover the history of Reiki, self-treatments, treating others, as well as treating plants and animals with Reiki energy. This training includes one Reiki Manual for the family and plenty of hands-on practice, specifically working only with your own child throughout the course. We will also explore any past life connections to help you on your current lives’ journey. Each of these components work to enhance your open-heart connection, allow for emotional healing, and strengthen the bond between you and your child.

The First Degree Manual includes detailed instruction to begin work as a Reiki practitioner, if so desired.

Certification upon completion. Class size is limited. This two-day class is for those age 7 on up, but is ideal for 11 on up.

This course is taught by Reiki Master Teacher Constance Messmer who will use her psychic skills to enhance students’ experiences.

Reiki is a 2,500 year-old light touch therapy. It is a Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation that facilitates healing, balance, and wellbeing. It is a wonderful life-long gift to a child!

Reiki First Degree Course: Accompanying Adult Tuition:$250   Accompanying Child Tuition: $125

Reiki Second Degree Course: Accompanying Adult Tuition: $500   Accompanying Child Tuition: $250

Please Note: Bring your own lunch and notebook to the course. No recording allowed. Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to and throughout course.

Constance Messmer