HeartLight Healing

A HeartLight Healing offers the energy balancing of Reiki, past life regression, soul retrieval, intuitive insight, along with channeled information and guidance. When we face challenging situations we often feel anger, fear or sadness. Unaddressed, this discomfort can manifest in the physical, mental, and emotional body as dis-ease. This upset can be carried from lifetime to lifetime and throughout your current lifetime, holding you back from living your full life’s potential. A HeartLight Healing releases the imbalances at their root and offers suggestions for a renewed approach. This is rejuvenation and restoration for your soul!

Powerful and life changing, it is the most compelling healing session that Constance offers.

1.5 hours      $300

Please Note: Do not drink alcohol, use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time.

Thank you Constance, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
— Mary S.