Reiki Energy Balancing

Reiki is an ancient light-touch therapy that restores balance for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and healing.  It works within your auric field, energetic & physical bodies sending a healing energy throughout.  A session is especially helpful to renew the vibrational balance of empaths and highly sensitive people.  It is known to release fatigue, stress, and pain while strengthening the immune system.  It can significantly enhance all healing modalities, including conventional medicine.  Multiple sessions, administered on a daily basis until resolution or relief, are recommend for long-standing physical, mental, emotional or energetic issues.

Constance uses her psychic skills for a deep level of tuning into the body to sense the emotional, physical, and spiritual components of trauma to access and treat the source of the imbalance.

1 hour   $100

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time.

Martha’s Vineyard area house calls for those unable to travel and for animals. Animal’s session time varies and incorporates psychic insight and animal communication as it comes. Please call for pricing.

Reiki Energy Balancing can be used in conjunction with most other therapeutic used in hospitals world-wide to assist a patient’s healing before and after surgery.

Reiki has been known to:

Relieve Stress and Pain

Relax Muscle Spasms

Accelerate Natural Healing

Stimulate the Immune System

Be Effective on Chronic and Acute Illness or Injury

Balance Subtle Body Energies