Reiki with a Psychic Reading

This session incorporates Reiki energy healing coupled with a psychic reading.  The information that comes through helps you understand why your body, or even your life, is out of balance. With this newfound awareness, it helps you to maintain better health for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This session offers energy block releases, past life information (if it comes up), psychic insight, and mediumship. There may also be moments of silent healing.

Psychic insight is when I see it. Mediumship is when I am told it from others, be them in spirit world, higher thought projections from those living, Angels, God. This is not necessarily a mediumship appointment where Loved Ones come through, but sometimes it does happen to support the healing process.

And while one session is powerful and helpful, it may be that with long standing issues, additional sessions are necessary to help restore greater balance and instill newfound approaches for a better life.

This session is available as a phone/distant session or in-person.

When it is booked as a phone reading/distant healing, you can be sitting or lying flat while the session takes place and you are on the phone with me listening to the information I relay. You can opt to have the information recorded for an additional fee or you can even take your own notes. Neither of these will interfere with the healing taking place. You see, I tune in to your Auric Field, each of your Chakras, and any area that is in need of healing energy. While I tell you the information that is in each location, I simultaneously send distant healing via Reiki energy balancing. Sessions are just as powerful as when we are in the same room together.

1 hour      $200

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time. Phone/distant reads are pre-paid sessions.

Powerful Goddess! I’m still reeling, processing, vibrating from your healing session. Massively grateful for your gifts and generosity! I’m inspired and forever altered on my life path. So much love to you, Constance, and blessings!
— Virginia