Reiki with Crystals

Reiki and Crystals together are an incredible way to bring about vibrational balance and healing. This type of session can add support, rejuvenation, empowerment and inspiration at a time when it is needed for a specific situation, or if it is simply desired for regular, overall maintenance.

Reiki has long been recognized for its gentle healing effects. Crystals, which each harness particular vibrations, enhance Reiki treatments and focus healing efforts in a more distinct way. In this session, Constance will work with the energy, frequency, and vibration of you and specific crystals to help balance your chakras and auric field.  Some of the crystals will be placed directly on your chakras or in your auric field to enhance the energetic balance needed specifically for you. 

While one session is powerful and helpful, it may be that with long standing issues additional sessions are necessary to help restore greater balance at the subatomic levels, thereby facilitating maintained healing.  Some clients choose to come for a monthly "tune-up."

Constance is a certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Master.

1 hour      $150

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time.

I had no idea that crystals would have such an effect on me. When you put that strand across my throat, it was as if years and years of blockages cleared in an instant. I literally felt something change. Thank you! Thank you!”



Constance Messmer