Learn to Access Your Akashic Records

This one-on-one experiential course and healing session teaches you to consult the book of your past lives and future possibilities. See which of the people (and pets) around you now have traveled with you in other lifetimes. Learn what the relationship was then, compared to now. Understand what talents you have had before and what lessons you have repeated. Remember, clearly, what it was you wanted to learn from each lifetime, thereby empowering you once more.

With this session you will be able to return time-and-time again on your own. This way, when new people come into your life, you can open up your own records for added insight.

Often people uncover the root of their fears, frustrations, allergies, and weaknesses. It is with this awareness that healing releases can occur. Exploring your past in this way, will allow you to better grasp where you are now and how with choices you co-create your future. In many ways, this journey can bring you to a deeper understanding of your soul’s truth.

1.5 hours  $150

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time.