Opening to Spirit / Learn to Channel

This one-on-one course and healing session teaches you to communicate with the spirit realm.  Connect with loved ones, guides, angels, and if it be so -God.  This is a break-through session, which will open doors and explore realms you had not thought possible.

Everyone has a guardian angel or spirit guide and many feel a presence in times of need.  Life is so much easier if you can communicate clearly for higher guidance and awareness.  This wider perspective can be helpful at times when you feel stuck or unsure.  Offering insight and direction, this type of connection can lead you to a happier, more positive way of living.  A unique and valuable opportunity to open your heart and meet your guide, so that you can freely talk to them whenever you want.

This is meant to enrich, or be the start of, your own daily practice.  If you are ready, you will learn to vocal channel, also.

Empowering, healing and life changing.  This is by-far Constance’s most favorite work to offer.

1 1/2 hours  $300     Follow-up/refresher sessions:  $200 an hour

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time. Audio and video taping is not allowed, but note taking is strongly suggested.

As one of my valued teachers you are always instrumental in encouraging me to tap into my guides and trust, trust, trust. For your support, mentoring and for your compassionate way of being in this world, I am eternally grateful.
— Deenah Grace
Constance is an excellent teacher. Her willingness to guide and share her experiences is a great gift. The Channeling course should be experienced by everyone…It is a true awakening!
— Jeff M.