Spritual Queries

For the Energy Worker, Dimensional Traveler, Psychic Medium, or budding Intuitive.

There are occasions when as practitioners of spiritual knowing you literally run into something new which is a challenge. Often this wouldn’t warrant the need for a full course in your field of study, but rather the opportunity to ask a specific question for a targeted answer. This private mentoring session can help bring your work and spiritual life to a more refined level.

This tailor-made mentoring opportunity is available in-person, as a phone read, or an e-mail. Phone reads and emails are pre-paid sessions.

Up to 15 minutes $50

16 -30 minutes $100

31 -60 minutes $200

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time.

Thank you for your incredible guidance and direction to improve and strengthen my own spiritual practice. You are a remarkable teacher in this field.
— Sally M.