Channeled Soul Reading

A look at your soul guided by the highest source of Divine Light and Wisdom. Receive specific channeled information on your life, personal strengths, and any blocks which may be preventing you from manifesting your full potential.

I work through your soul’s truth, Divine Truth, with Angels and Guides coming in. In this consultation, I may act as psychic, medium, and/or channel -whatever Spirit asks of me. This session relays information to you and is not as interactive as a Private Consultation Session, where you troubleshoot specific areas of your life.

The information and healing that comes through can be life changing for you. It is for this reason that I encourage or work with people to limit these sessions with me. I honor your need for yearly updates or trouble shooting hardships. But this session is about empowerment, not dependency. It is by-far the most favored work I offer.

One hour  $200

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time, they adversely affect me. This session is available as a phone read or in person. Phone reads are pre-paid sessions. You can record or I can record and send an MP3 download or CD for an additional $15 fee.

Your channeled reading was empowering, supportive and definitely reinforced my belief that I was on my authentic path... For your support, mentoring and for your compassionate way of being in this world, I am eternally grateful.
— Deenah Grace
Dear Constance, I am so grateful to have experienced your kind and positive reading of my presence. I feel optimism and self-acceptance this morning. An exquisite thing to feel! -Thank you
— Beth K.