Mediumship-Soul Connections

In this one-time session I connect to your loved ones: those who have crossed, or not; people, pets -those in or out of body, including non-vocals. I connect in their realm or in ours to deliver messages back and forth, working as a medium within the dialog experience for communication to take place and a greater healing to occur, everyone willing.

When you are with me for your session, I will ask that you confirm the information, or question that which you don’t understand. Primarily, I work for spirit. You should also know, sometimes, several loved ones line up to converse before your intended comes through.

Your connecting won’t hold back a loved one who has crossed, nor does it matter how long or how recent it has been since their passing. Because of my research and findings in the field of communications with loved ones on the other side, what I offer is not a typical mediumship experience.

$200 an hour

Please Note: Please do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time, they adversely affect me. This session can be in-person or as a phone read. Phone reads are pre-pay. Audio and video taping is not allowed, but note taking is strongly suggested.

Constance, Thank you for sharing your genuine, kind and giving spirit. Thank you for making a connection that brought beauty, love and comfort. -With much love and gratitude
— Katie P.