Past Lives Reading

Do you believe you have lived before? In this one-on-one session Constance will consult the Akashic Records for the book of your past lives and future possibilities. She will use a combination of mediumship and channeling to relay the information to you.

Here you may learn about significant and sometimes reoccurring relationships, innate talents, and lessons you have repeated. Often people uncover the root of their fears, frustrations, allergies, and weaknesses. It is with this awareness that healing releases can occur.  This session can help you unravel your karmic DNA. Exploring your past is a way to better grasp where you are now and how with choices you co-create your future.

This session is a journey that can bring you to a deeper understanding of your soul’s truth. It tends to be healing, validating, humbling, and empowering.

This session is also available as a phone read or in person. Phone reads and emails are pre-paid sessions.

30 minutes $100


Past Lives with Friends or Family

This is designed for close friends or family that feel as if they have known each other prior to this incarnation. This session allows for two or more to come together and find deeper meanings to their connection. Unfinished business, patterns, promises, karmic ties, energetic DNA, soul lessons, and energetic/emotional influences are often uncovered in this affirming and eye-opening session.

30 minutes $100

1 hour  $200

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time, they adversely affect me.