Private Consultations

When you have a question that can be answered in a short time span. When you want guidance in a specific area of your life. When you don’t need a Channeled Soul Read on all areas of your life, but you do seek wise counsel or direction in a given area. At any of these times, I suggest a Private Consultation.

In these sessions I make an energetic link to you, tuning into current and past influences that are impacting your situation. Strengths and weaknesses are revealed. If there are any blocks, guidance comes through with practical steps and suggestions on how to manage or shift your situation so you can move forward. This is especially appropriate for those who are sensing impending change and wish to have an idea how to manage choices in the next few months.  Information on potential futures are relayed for business and relationship, letting you know if there is favorable energy in certain directions. Please realize, that the ultimate choice is yours, as we all have free will and with choices co-create our future.

Information comes through me from a number of sources: Divine guidance, your Guardian Angel, a Wise Teacher or Guide, or even your own higher self to help with your personal navigation. Here a course of action is often recommended for you beyond the session.

This session is also available as a phone read or as an e-mail, both of which are pre-paid sessions.

Up to 15 minutes $50

16 -30 minutes $100

31 -60 minutes $200

Please Note: Do not use recreational drugs or medical marijuana within 48 hours prior to appointment time. You may record or I will record and press onto a CD for an additional $15 fee.

Constance Messmer, I’m pretty sure YOU are the best!
— Monika M.